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Thread: Has Anyone Seen New Comic Prices?

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    Jul 19, 2016
    Quote Originally Posted by Adam West View Post
    I stopped by local comic shop today to pick up my comics and my jaw dropped when I just realized Amazing Spider-Man was $5.99!!

    I buy a bunch of different comics including the Walking Dead which is $3.99 and probably didn't pay much attention to the price until today because of a bunch of variant covers and is just about unaffordable anymore to buy at that price and I like to buy the variant covers because of the art work.

    Definitely need to cut back on that monthly expense!!
    Of course if you look at back issue prices and how they have skyrocketed in the pandemic era, new comic seem cheap by comparison. Stuff that was dollar bin fare for decades is now selling for hundreds of dollars. It's definitely a time to be a seller and not a buyer of back issues.


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    Jan 20, 2011
    The last comic book I bought was around 1986 off the squeaky turning comic rack.

    I still have a bunch of Superman and Spider-man comics from the 70’s - 80’s the oldest is marvel-team up
    Spider-man and Black Panther, a whopping 20 cents, I think it’s dated 1968.

    If I want to go back and read comics, I go to the read comics for free website.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheVintageToyKid View Post
    I only buy old comics. On the off chance I do buy a new one, it's usually a reprint of a classic comic book story.
    This is me... I can't get into the new stuff and there is a lot of great old stuff I missed.

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