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Thread: The Flash teaser/trailer

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    Quote Originally Posted by MRP View Post
    I look forward to it too. But the best thing about a trailer for a new Flash movie shouldn't be a call back to 30+ year old Batman movie. If that's what you want to make and what people want to see, then do another Keaton Batman movie, not a Flash movie.

    And I just don't see anything appealing about that Flash costume at all (or the portrayal of the Flash in this trailer or in the JL movie).

    The trailer succeeds in getting me to want to see more Keaton Batman. It fails in getting me to want to see anything about the Flash (and I love the Flash as a character).

    I like how the Flash was retooled in the Snyder cut of Justice League, so I'm not concerned about whether or not I want to see him in a standalone film. He works for me, so I'm curious about the story itself. I do prefer the new look over his JL outfit because it never made sense to me how the friction of speed would not make that metal outfit unbearably hot. It also seemed a bit too engineered like Iron Man to be in his wheelhouse of ideas. These outfits look bettered suited to fit that frame of science he might utilize to develop and adapt to his abilities (IMHO).

    And having Keaton back for the purposes of providing some connective tissue between all these films looks to me like an ingenious way to keep all those movies under the Warner Bros umbrella fresh and revitalized. And not just for the niche audience, but for the younger generation who may not feel connected to them. Now they have a reason to go back and invest in those films because they have a shared universe with todays heroes. I love that idea.

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    Interesting that the trailer say's "IN PRODUCTION" as opposed to "Coming soon". Especially since they said production was wrapped up.

    Maybe they need to do some reshoots with Ezra wearing his WIFE BEATER!?!??!!!

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