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Thread: What's the best live concert you have seen?

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    Oct 24, 2007
    Seattle, WA, U.S. of A.
    For me and thinking back which concert just blew my mind would have to be Cher with Cindi Lauper opening up at the Key Arena in Seattle 2014. Grant it, I'm not a fan of either of them but my wife dragged me along and they were great seats so why not. Walked away in awe and it felt like I was just at a Vegas show. Hard to top that. And music was great. All hits from the oldies station.
    Other than that, it would be:

    The Cure - WISH TOUR 1992 Long Beach Arena, CA This was like watching a painting come to life.
    808 State - EX:EL Tour 1991 Long Beach Arena, CA This ended up being a huge RAVE with DJ sets and dayglo dancers. The full 9 yards. A total blast!
    Paul McCartney - World Tour 1989 LA Forum, CA 5th night
    Paul McCartney - Out There Tour 2013, Safeco Field, WA This had the encore of Sirvana(Sir Macca and surviving members of Nirvana). Mind blowing to see that in person
    The Church - Starfish Industry Showcase 1988 The Roxy, West Hollywood, CA This was to promote Starfish for the industry and first time performing the songs in America. Blew me away.
    Cocteau Twins with LUSH - Heaven or Las Vegas Tour 1990 Wiltern Theater, LA, CA
    Siouxsie and the Banshees with Love & Rockets - Tinderbox tour 1986
    NIN - Hate tour Stardust Ballroom (Helter Skelter) 1990 both nites they were so good.
    The Black Angels - Live at The Triple Door - KEXP 500 Club Performance on 2006-06-19 This was recorded and if interested, go here to listen:
    Slowdive - Slowdive Tour 2014 Neptune, Seattle, WA
    My Bloody Valentine - MBV World Tour 2006 WAMU theater
    Bauhaus - Reunion Tour 1998 Paramount Theater Seattle, WA

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    too many...

    here are some...

    Gary Moore-the Roxy, LA, July 1987 (Wild Frontier tour)

    Racer-X the NAMM show; January 2009 (reunion show and last time they played)

    Buckethead- Park West April 2016 ( two hours on insane shred!!!)

    Jack Bruce- Park West December 14th, 2001 My Hero!!!

    Jack Bruce & Ginger Baker: Biddy Mulligans December 15th 1989.
    (the coldest day of winter! 20 below zero and I drove an hour and a half to get there!!)
    Jack, Ging & Blues Saraceno (Guitar) blew the roof off the place!!! OTT Heavy Metal!!!

    Dokken: House of Blues September 1997.
    what made this show special was once again, George Lynch and Don (Dokken) had a falling out and George quit the band. Soooo
    Don phoned up John Norum (of Europe), and he filled out the remainder of the tour and went on to join the band and record LONG WAY HOME with the band.

    Journey- "Vacation's Over" Arie Crown Theatre, Chicago, October 17th, 1998.
    my favorite singer: Steve Augeri. He did a GREAT show and replaced; the "Duck". This was two years before they released; ARRIVAL and man, what a great FKN record!! If you don't have it check it out.

    Black Sabbath, Motorhead; the World Theatre, Tinley Park. June 1995
    This was the tour for Sab's FORBIDDEN album and back in the band were Tony Martin on vocals, Neil Murray on bass and COZY POWELL on drum!! Motorhead opened the show and what sucked was this place holds 40,000 people and I would say maybe only 2000-5000 max were there?? "Sigh" Lemmy and the boys put on a great set and then the Sabs came on and did all the great tunes off of Headless Cross, TYR, and the obligatorial Ozzy & Dio tunes. Iommi was his usual great self, but i was there to see and hear Cozy play his *** off. The best was I HAD a pass for the aftershow and got to meet everyone, Wow,,, Cozy is the same size as me! A short dude!! HAHAH! Couldn't believe how tall Neil Murray is!! a good night! RIP COZY!!!

    Honestly I could go on but, I got stuff to do. Enjoy.

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    Yeah, I've seen way too many awesome shows to name the best ones. Some groups I've seen a bunch of times. I'm usually up front crushed against the stage or barricade!

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    One of the best concerts I went to was a Janet Jackson that fell on Halloween weekend. My boyfriend at the time & I went dressed up as Vampires because we were going to a club afterwards where you had to dress up. I have an in with the Jackson clan so we got the whole special: meet-n-greet, upfront seats (that nobody sat in) and got called up on stage for the "lap dance". Yes she knew I was gay so she felt comfortable putting on a good show buy turning up the seduction while I was trying not to laugh but at the same time I was turning red of embracement (1st time getting a lap dance from a female) while my boyfriend was laughing so hard the audience he fell down leaving them confused. We meet up after the show and had dinner where we caught up on the family and she gave a mess full of concert memorabilia autographed.

    We still went to the club and meet up with some friends and spent the rest of the night dancing in vampire costume & fangs.
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