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Thread: 9-11 ... what were you doing

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    Mar 25, 2020
    I was still Active Duty Air Force and stationed in San Antonio at Lackland AFB. Not a subject I like to remiss on. Suffice to say I will never forget it.
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    Sep 15, 2014
    I will say this a force of darkness entered the consciousness of our world that day and everything that came as a result was pure negativity. In that regard its alot like what is going on with the Corona virus.

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    i was working on the 19th floor of 100 Wall Street, corner of Water Street. My cubicle was right outside my boss' office, and his window looked over the East River towards the Brooklyn Bridge. I noticed a bunch of paper flying around. We could not figure out why. Then some of our co-workers who sat near windows on the north side of our building started yelling a plane hit one of the towers. We figured it was an accident, but turned into news radio stations to learn more. Then someone yelled the other tower was hit. Some of us went down to the street and there were many dust covered people walking from the west side of manhatten. At that point the subways were closed. I tried to walk to the Brooklyn bridge to walk across the bridge back to Brooklyn. As I crossed Water Street and Fulton, the 1st tower fell. I walked back to my building instead of trying to get to the bridge. We waited in the building for a while. Then someone said that water taxis were taking people across the East River to Brooklyn. I got on the first Water taxi I could. As we crossed the East River I looked back at Manhatten. It was very surreal to be in NYC that day. RIP to all the people who did not make it.

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