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Thread: Topps Mego Monday Thread

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    I'm absolutely thrilled at this week's offering. I love Deep Space Nine - it's probably my favorite Trek. I hope we can get more DS9 as time goes on. There is a very active DS9 fanbase, and I hope they will find their way to these.

    BTW, Quark is one figure that was never made in this format. Sisko was done in the Playmates 9" style in the 90s, as was most of the crew, but Quark, for whatever reason, was not.

    I've seen a few people mention that Sisko should be in his gray uniform and that would make a great variant, if/when this figure comes out in a regular assortment.

    Bravo, Mego, DS9 figures were long overdue!

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    DS9! I am pumped for these two! I hope they make the entire crew! And various aliens! Can the Jem'Hadar be very far behind?
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    I am hoping we get DC again next week... wondering who the next DC offerings will be? Hopefully Green Arrow, Aquaman, Manta, Two-Face or Nightwing

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    If it's DC I am hoping for the All-Star Squadron members. But, this would mite agitate our Canadian collectors and I wouldn't blame 'em.

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    Easy pass for me this week. But still happy for those getting figures they want...and the fact that I get a week off from spending $$$$$$$$$$$.

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    I think next week will be horror figures. Just my opinion. I'm surprised they did two Trek offerings so close together.

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    had they done something different this week, like the horror wave we were expecting, and then done the DS9 set next week, i probably would have ordered them. but after 2 consecutive weeks of ordering Trek and then Apes, i could not do another order.

    so now missing these first 2, i would not order future waves of DS9. which is probably for the best for my wallet, and display space, LOL

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    Shazam and Black Adam are all I'm getting right now. The other figures are nice but easy pass . I don't wan't a bunch of mini orders(1 week apart) with high shipping, when BBTS and others combine shipping. Are there enough DS9 fans to produce these, or do they need sell a certain number of them ?

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    The only way I would part with the more than $100 it will cost me for two Topps figures (including shipping to Canada) would be if one of the weekly offerings were Paul Kersey and Ames Jainchill from the original 'Death Wish' movie.
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    The Topps website has an archive of all the figures, which is nice to see the pictures again:

    It also includes the print-run (PR) for each figure to see how many were ordered. Looks like these will be pretty rare. I assume the numbers are large enough to not cancel the figures. It will be interesting to see if the numbers go up with the maximum limit raised to 5.

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