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Thread: Enter Achilles!

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    Enter Achilles!

    Better watch out, Hector.

    Picked up a new Betta a week ago and Achilles is his name. He lives in my 5 gallon tank with 3 Nerite Snails and 6 Amano Shrimp.

    Unlike other Bettas I've had in the past, he's not aggressive towards the Snails or Shrimp. I picked Nerite and Amano because they both feed on algae, so I don't need to feed them and they keep my tank very clean.

    Achilles is a happy warrior. He spends his days constantly exploring and building bubble nests.

    You are transparent; I see many things... I see plans within plans.

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    My cousin is named Aquiles (Spanish for Achilles)…

    You have an extremely awesome setup there. It’s such a serene and calming setup. Beautiful plants. Lovely fish.

    I miss my aquarium. I miss my two red belly piranhas.

    Maybe one day, again…

    Your tank, 10 out of 10…

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    Agreed, so nice to see a natural set-up that favors the creatures instead of the humans.

    I too think about having an aquarium again, but my Russian Blue feline would likely go insane.

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