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Thread: New Mego bands

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    New Mego bands

    Finally decided to pick up some of these new figures. I was initially apprehensive after watching Toy Polloi’s Ultraman review but, overall I’m satisfied with the quality. I’ve always been wary, though, of “rubber band” construction after experiencing O ring disintegration on my 80’s GI Joe’s and MOTU figures. Any idea if the quality of bands on these new Mego figs will hold up better over time?

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    Any idea what kind of bands these are? If I go to Home Depot, what kind should I be looking for?

    LJN Swat/Rookies v2 arms with the bicep swivels.

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    I use the Danco #13 O-Rings. They come in a 10-pack. Both Home Depot and Amazon carry them. I’ve had two brand new Mego bodies with rubber bands that have snapped, and have used the Danco to replace them. The Mego bands are similar, just slightly thinner. When replacing the bands, I do use the metal bits that hook onto the arm, but I discard the leg hook, and attach the band directly to the plastic leg pin-hook, just FYI.

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    Does anyone have a tutorial on restringing a Mattel Retro Action? I would assume maybe its the same as restringing a normal mego body?

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