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Thread: Modded Super Friends Batman

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    When I look at it, it reminds me of the one pictured on the side panels of the mego window boxes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by darkbros View Post
    Nice job and the Retro Action cape does make him look spot on!!!

    I'll keep your tutorial bookmarked, so far ( knocks loudly on wood) my FTC body on mine is still solid with no issues, so I probably won't convert him until it develops any.

    I am though working on converting my Mego Trinity over to Type S on all, Superman on a muscular Type S upgrade, Batman on a regular type S and WW on a Type S female ( Yvonne),
    soon as the parts order comes in. I started on WW ( and videoed my progress over on Youtube), I'll get their eventually.
    I need to see that YouTube video on Wonder Woman. I bought a Yvonne with the idea of using the body for Wonder Woman. I have the Mego Batman and Superman also on a regular Type S (Batman's costume was a little tight), and just put the Mattel Superman costume on a Type S body with the new FTC Superman head sculpt and FTC rubber Superman boots. Besides my daughter saying Superman's head looks pale and sickly, I thought it came out well! I wish the boots were more faded though.

    When you say the Type S muscular body, so you mean the Type S Upgrade Kit? I have a few original kits from the 8 Inch SuperStore, but I never found a need to have the double jointed elbows and knees and wasn't sure the costumes with hole up with the extra articulation.

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    I actually JUST bought this exact Batman with intent to upgrade it. But just a bit beefier utilizing a MOTU torso.

    LJN Swat/Rookies v2 arms with the bicep swivels.

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