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Thread: Do Your Childhood Toys Just "Appear" in Your Memory Timeline?

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    Do Your Childhood Toys Just "Appear" in Your Memory Timeline?

    Do you remember where you got your toys from or do the just "appear" in the timeline of your memory at some point?

    A couple recent toy posts made me realize I don't really remember exactly when I got most of my toys. I recall a few specifics. I know it would've been around birthdays and Christmases, but I have few clear memories. I know I had certain toys, but I don't remember getting them. I remember specific adventures acted in the hallway of the Neshaminy Woods Apartments with my Mego Batman, Robin, Batgirl and Penguin in the Batcave. I remember trips to Two Guys and Kiddie City, but I don't remember leaving with anything in particular.

    How does it breakdown for you?

    WANTED - Solid-Boxed WGSH's, C.8 or better.

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    I know what you mean. We didn’t take many pictures in the 1970’s and 80’s. So there isn’t a timeline record like that. But I remember a lot about when, where and why I got particular toys. Down to even what store they came from and what order I got things in (like Star Wars figures). There were also definite shifts in interests over the toy buying timeline. Megos and 12” GI Joes to Lone Ranger. Then Star Wars ruled until 1982. Then the 3 3/4 Joes came out...2 years of those before I was “too old for toys”. I still frequented toy stores to buy model cars though because technically those weren’t toys to me.

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    This might date me a little older than you guys ………….

    But the first "toy" I remember getting was my Ma got me a brand new red Western Auto Flyer bicycle with her huge collection of Green Stamps.

    Coolest thing I've ever owned !!!
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    i do have specific memories of getting certain toys. but they are also a little vague as I was little. there are also plenty i don't recall where or when i got

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    My first Mego was a Spiderman that I got from a local toy store (Snyder's Toys, I think) on Frankford Ave. in Philadelphia. My second was a Superman from Kresge's down the street and my third was a Shazam (back at Snyder's.) Everything after that was a blur, but like the poster, lots of Kresge, Two Guys, Woolco & Kiddie City purchases in there!

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    I definitely remember getting all my Star Trek mego’s from Child World’s in the next town over in there town square, the only place that sold those, we didn’t have a TRU near by. WGSH and POTA were both sold at my local mall kresge’s and Child World’s and the ahi monsters I could only find at kresge’s. Now ask me what I did yesterday?

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