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Thread: Svengoolie Apiril 2021

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    Svengoolie Apiril 2021

    Well another month to try and come up with ReMegos for Saturday Night with MeTV Svengoolie. I already started with:

    April 3: Roger Corman's The Undead.
    I went with The Executioner due to the fact that I had the parts in my bucket of costumes and used New Mego Cheers Norm as the base.
    ReMego Svengoolie presents The Undead 2b.jpg

    April 10 Universal's The Incredible Shirking Man
    I am again going with those same miniature people you buy at Hobby Lobby to go with the trains. I think my nephew still has a toy tarantula I can use.

    April 17 The Crawling Eye
    This is new movie to show up on Svengoolie. The monster is huge so I will just use a tentacle wrapped around a Mego

    April 24 Gargoyles
    Well I get my chance to redo that outfit after all
    ReMego Svengoolie presents Gargoyles (2a).jpg

    Any suggestion would came in handy....
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    That's quite a schedule. Your output never ceases to amaze me.

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