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Thread: Wyatt Earp Holster

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    Wyatt Earp Holster

    Looking for a Wyatt Earp/Tex Willer/Kit Willer holster, with or without the pistols.
    Or perhaps a good reproduction, e.g CTV Toys or Dr. Mego.

    As I mentioned in an earlier post, I managed to pick up from Italy, a naked Kit Willer. It was surprisingly sold as a vintage POTA Astronaut.

    I was also fortunate to get hold of a CTV Toys Reproduction Kit Willer, but minus the holster. Hence this post.

    Here is a picture. He has an original hat, boots, and belt.


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    Does anyone have one of these that they are willing to sell?? Thanks
    Either original Wyatt Earp or Tex Willer/Kit Willer holster, in order to complete the figure above.
    If so, PM me. Thanks.
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    Have you tried Doc Mego’s website? not sure if he has one. I thought ctvt had one in their western accessories section?

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    Hi Trek Star.
    Many thanks for the information. Could not see one on Doc Mego site. But, yes you were right, Re CTV Toys and their western accessories section, however, they won't just ship the belt. Has to be minimum $25 spent. However, there is currently nothing else that I need from them at this moment of time.
    Will try and see if an original Wyatt Earp or Tex Willer/Kit Willer holster turns up, either on here, or Ebay. You never know.
    If not then may have to revert back to CTV Toys, and bump it up to the minimum amount that needs to be spent.
    Thanks again Trek Star.

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