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Thread: Kit Willer Hair Colour

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    Kit Willer Hair Colour

    Recently acquired a loose naked Kit Willer (was sold as a POTA Astronaut), which has some slight hair rub. Have not received the figure yet.
    What is the exact colour of his hair? I appreciate that it is dark brown, but if buying some paint (e.g Revell), does anyone recommend a particular colour (gloss or Matt)/brand?
    Many thanks in advance.

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    I asked a similar question sometime back, about a good paint brand to use on the original mego heads.
    I was told that Vallejo hobby acrylics paint works well.

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    I pulled him out for you. Hope the close up helps. Kind of like a satin or low gloss - medium to dark brown.


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    Acrylics, yes.

    Brown is one of the most difficult colors to match, you may need to tweak a base brown by adding maroon or another color like black, russet, or chocolate brown. You won/t know until the figure's in hand.

    Generally, if you add a little gloss or satin clear acrylic varnish to the base color you mix, it will make application smoother and more durable and give that satin/semi-gloss look of factory paint.
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    Many thanks guys. Much appreciated.
    Josephcardone, your Kit Willer looks fabulous. Thanks for the close up and discription.
    As with all these Baravelli Tex Willer figures the colours used for the outfits really stand out. They display very well. Nice set to collect. Quite hard to get now.
    Thanks again for the information.
    Just need to try and get CTV Toys repro Kit Willer outfit.
    Or may just use an Action Jackson Cowboy outfit.

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