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Thread: Lee Majors SMDS Head

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    Lee Majors SMDS Head

    Hi group.

    I present the head with a standard Type-S body neck plug. This is my original creation, modeled from the Kenner head and not a download.

    Head is offered for a limited time.

    $25 shipped in the Cont. USA for a hollow, 3D printed resin, unpainted head.

    PayPal F&F
    Be sure to include mailing address.


    IMG_7386.jpg IMG_3215.jpg IMG_1763.jpg

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    Apr 17, 2012
    Looks great!

    Can you work in the bionic eye on it?

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    ^^ thanks! Actually, no to the bionic eye. Not sure what type of lense I'd install to reproduce the gimmick lol

    Tracking numbers sent, thanks

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