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Thread: Dukes Of Hazzard General Lee

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    Dukes Of Hazzard General Lee

    Hi Mego community!! I'm hoping some folks can help me out on this. I have multiple DOH General Lee's MISB/MIB. Some of the cars have the small plastic steering wheel and some do not. I know that all the cars I have, have never been played with bc they are still factory taped to the backer. I have heard that when Mego cancelled the line they basically just used up what they had but didn't produce anymore parts. That's why some of the stickers are solid and some of the Generals came with random figures. I just wanted to know if anyone knows for a fact that this is why most of my cars do not have the little plastic steering wheel. If I was ever to sell them I just want to be sure that I would be representing them correctly as MIB. Any information would be great.

    Thanks much!
    The Crow

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    I have no idea about the cars, but welcome to the museum!

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