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Thread: So I finally got My Creech!!!

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    Oct 3, 2007

    So I finally got My Creech!!!

    Like the title sez, I got my Creech. But I did not find it at Wallymart. Instead I found several at a local Toy Specialty store. They were $20 so I could only get one.
    Now the mark-up wasn't crazy seeing that W-mart is selling them for what $14.99. (its been soooo long since I found a Mego @ W-mart) But I gotta ask. Is this hurting the issue or is this the way things are gonna be. Here's what I mean.

    Firstly this Toy Shop could have bagged all the Creeches from local W-marts and added $5 to the price???
    Or this local Toy Seller somehow got Creeches wholesale somewhere which could possibly mess up the deal Mego made w/ W-mart???
    Walmart online is selling Creech for Twice the in store price. So does this mean W-marts poor distribution of Mego is a means to make collectors like me pay double for the action figures I want???

    All I can say in the end is I wanna support Mego cause I love the toys (old and new)
    If Walmart sells the Mego's well I'll support them too ( as long as they sell the Mego's and stock a good supply for everyone!)
    I do not want to support Scalpers and those who could hurt the current Mego situation and cause the company to once again fade into history.
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    Apr 11, 2005
    Maine USA
    Why the heck does Wal-mart's website sell the Megos so much more than in-store? I don't get that.

    I got my two Creatures and a Stan Lee figure from Frank Wojo (thanks again, Frank!)...I hate Wal-mart and would rather drink live Corona Virus than shop there, but I understand that some folks do for convenience. I don't understand the concept of charging an arm and a leg more on your website, for the same item you have in your store.

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