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Thread: Aquaman's A emblem

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    Aug 30, 2005
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    Aquaman's A emblem

    After window shopping on ebay and looking at various Mego figures, I was surfing through the ebay auctions for Aquaman in various shapes and conditions. I have a question. Of all the DC and Marvel Super Hero Megos that have sticker emblems, my curiosity question is, was Aquaman's A emblem the easiest to lose or the hardest to find? Whenever I see a Mego Aquaman with the emblem, they all look like repros. It's been so long since i had acquired an original Mego Aquaman, that I'm not even sure what the original A looked like. Would dining a mint, complete Aquaman with the original A emblem be considered a holy grail? Anyway, I was just curious and thought I would inquire. Cheers.

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    I don't think I would call it a grail, but it getting harder to find one with an original A. I may, however, be biased by a 2000's mindset when it was easier to find. Given Mego's inconsistent production standards and the ease at which the A can be reproduced, it's also hard to confidently identify an original. I would suggest going with a trusted seller, if possible. If you can't, you might post a picture here first to get a second opinion.
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