I'll check them out for sure. ever see "autopsy/macchie solari?" whoa. a WILD start that's impossible to sustain leading to ultimately a sleazy giallo.
whatabout "all the colors of the dark" "your vice is a locked room..." "blood and black lace" "the psychic" "death walks at midnight"

netflix was the same for me, renting dvds but now I can watch all the ones they didn't have! (I think I got on some gov watchlist based on the titles I was renting but hey- if they didn't have it I wouldn't rent it!)
tubi also has some of the "exorcist" rip offs like "demon witch child" "beyond the door" and (sort-of) "night child"
do you like japanese '70s movies? tubi has the vampire trilogy "vampire doll" "lake of dracula" "evil of dracula" and a few of the female prisoner scorpion ones too. not on tubi but the "lone wolf and cub" movies are also good. I've also seen some older great japanese movies not on tubi but some are on the criterion channel.

right now I'm watching a lot of creepster tv. some of their copies are pretty awful but if no one else has it streaming I'll watch it. they have a lot of german "krimi" edgar wallace movies, the best I've seen so far being "the indian scarf" with klaus kinski. I just caught an italian bank heist movie called "seven golden men/7 uomini d'oro" that was good too.