So I won a mixed lot on Greedbay and of course there was more wrong than right with these guys.

Here's the before
Beneath the cut-offs Josh has a hip held together with masking tape. his body was covered with tape residue and gunk.
Fighting Yank was not so good either. Some of its metal rivets were coming apart in the legs and he's bow-legged. He has no "Mego" markings so is he a K/O yank er'what???

Jim&Yank-restored (1).jpg
So here are the boys after several hours of cleaning and repairing. Yank still needs some leg-work but I'm happy for now. I tried to redress Fighting Yank to near out of the box with regular Knock off stuff but I think he needs a different shirt. I am hoping to 3D print him a Dog Tag soon
Anyone know where I can get compatible rivets or something near to finish repairing Yank.

PS do we have a "Fighting Yank" section at Mego Museum??? I could not find any.