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Thread: How was Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome ?

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    May 11, 2007
    I hated it.

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    Aug 8, 2012
    Quote Originally Posted by CrimsonGhost View Post
    Mad Max is a lot like Star Wars where Thunderdome is the Return of the Jedi of the trilogy.
    Indeed!… so glad Fury Road finally came to right the course.

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    Oct 4, 2008
    Mid Hudson Valley, NY
    Fury Road was really good, but it was truly bizarre too. i mean come on, a tanker full of breast milk???

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    Jun 15, 2001
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    I can't remember if it was this or Star Man that was the first movie I took a girl to. I'm not terribly fond of it, Hollywood got their hands on an independent series of films that had edge and did what they do best. A few bright moments but you can smell the test screenings and notes.

    Oddly enough, my wife who is younger than me, LOVES IT. Odd, the difference three years makes.

    See Return of the Jedi.
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    May 19, 2003
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nostalgiabuff View Post
    Fury Road was really good, but it was truly bizarre too. i mean come on, a tanker full of breast milk???
    Homelander would’ve loved getting his hands on that tanker, lol.

    I enjoyed Fury Road too.

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    I didn't like Fury Road. Not sure why others liked it. What's the appeal?

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    Apr 3, 2011
    Los Angeles, California
    I think MMBT was a so-so effort....due mostly to the void left behind by Mad Max co-creator and producer Byron Kennedy's death. Max is not behind the wheel of a car for much of the film. Tina Turner's performance was strong but those kids in the airplance are kind of the equivalent of Ewoks. Mel Gibson seemed to be "dialing in" his performance in large segments of the movie. I liked Fury Road but the major complaint I have about it is that Max seems to be along for the ride and lacks a story arc. Furiosa seems to be the main character there. I saw all three original Mad Max films at a triple feature in Santa Monica, CA, last year....the sweeping action sequences really are meant to be scene on a big was incredible.

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