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Thread: Filmation Characters Space Sentinels & the Super 7?

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    Aug 30, 2005
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    Filmation Characters Space Sentinels & the Super 7?

    I have a question for any customizers on here that are Filmation fans. Has anybody ever thought of customizing the Space Sentinels or any of the characters from the Super 7 cartoons? If anything, Hercules was in both the Space Sentinels and the Freedom Force. The Space Sentinels outfits look like they were made of the same stuff that the DC Super Hero costumes were made of. I notice that Mercury's shoes are the exact same as Robin's shoes, but colored orange. I could imagine Uhura would work for Astrea and I can imagine the head of Sulu or Ponch from C.H.i P.s (in terms of hear would work for Mercury. And if it weren't for the angry scowl, Thor's head would have been great for Hercules. And I could imagine their costumes being made of the same threads that the Mego Super Heroes were made of. I also wondered if anyone has made any of the Super 7 characters. Inquiring mind wants to know.
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    Jul 9, 2007
    I have seriously considered doing some of those. With Sulu's head now readily available, Mercury is indeed easier. Some of the Super 7 would translate well into Megos, too, though Web Woman's mask would be a major challenge.

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