Hi everyone! I am posting my current wantlist on the outside chance that someone has something I'm looking for. I am looking for complete, original figures in collector grade. If you have anything I'm looking for, please message me with pics. Thanks!

Action Jackson Desert (red card) outfit
Action Jackson Jungle Safari (pink) outfit
Cipsa Dr. Zaius
Cipsa Cornelius
Cipsa Bill
Captain America Fist Fighter
Lili Ledy Captain America
Lili Ledy Batgirl
Lili Ledy Supergirl
Lili Ledy Catwoman
Lili Ledy Riddler (fist fighter)
Lili Ledy Falcon (fist fighter)
Lili Ledy Tarzan (fist fighter)
Super Softies Batman (19" or 24")
8" Superman (vinyl cape)
8" Supergirl (vinyl cape)
8" Green Goblin MIB (new logo box)
8" Lizard MIB (new logo box)
8" Shazam MIB (new logo box)
8" Falcon MIB (new logo box)
8" Hulk MIB (new logo box)
Great White Shark (loose or boxed)
12.5" Superman MIB (Parkdale Novelty box)

Thanks for looking!