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Thread: Captain Action purple suit variation

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    Sep 3, 2009
    cheshire uk
    thanks for the info danny ,coincidentally there's a toys shop in the uk just made a cap action batman on the blow moulded doll with the flash gordon face and a cardback toy of the day ,this one has cap action boots where as mine have knock off boots and caps face on a broader doll

    heres the captain faced doll

    as you can see it has caps face and broader shouldered doll
    no rules on knock offs it really was the wild west lol

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    Dec 22, 2007
    Cool Post!!! I had a few badly faded CA suits and they turned light blue not purple. So cool too see your version. I had a purple version but was badly damaged so didn't really help me figure out anything. LOL We are now up to 3 different factory editions of KO Captain Action. Seems like most came out of UK. Now if it doesn't get clearer what's up with Hong Kong KO Captain Action Kamen Rider. None none known MIP yet. Is it the only known figure of this run? thanks for great post!

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