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Thread: Helstrom

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    Loved his early stuff from the comics, but did not like this series at all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blue Meanie View Post
    You mean when he was called Damian Hellstorm Yeah, I really have no desire to see this series at all. All the liberties they are taking with the name and story already has turned me off. LOVE!!! Defenders, it was the first series I ever completed, but this is just Disney or whomever is doing this taking way too many liberties with the character. Just as bad as when they called Daredevil / Jessica Jones / Luke Cage the Defenders. Pass. If they bring the 6 fingered hand into the TV series I will laugh my butt off. That is, in my opinion, where Defenders went really bad as far as a comic book series. They almost rescued it when it got cancelled because Marvel wanted to do X-Factor and needed Beast, Iceman, and Angel. Actually enjoyed that part of the Defenders run.
    Daimon Hellstrom you mean.
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    Quote Originally Posted by thunderbolt View Post
    Daimon Hellstrom you mean.
    My bad...but in my defense his last name was Hellstorm in his second comic book series from Wiki:

    "In 1993, he received his own series once more with Hellstorm: Prince of Lies. As suggested by the title, his surname was spelled "Hellstorm" during this series. Rafael Nieves wrote the first four issues; Len Kaminski took over as scripter until issue #11. Warren Ellis then took over as writer until the series' cancellation with #21."

    That was the series I remember more than his first series or his Spotlight appearance

    It also looks like Marvel/Disney is also overlooking his marriage to Hellcat / Patsy Walker in the TV series too. Like I said...too many liberties in my opinion.
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    Hulk Hogan proved you can pull off Daimon Hellstrom costume in live action.

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    One critic called it DOA. That's not a good sign.

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