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Thread: Ertl Star Trek III figure repair solution

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    Aug 9, 2009
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    Ertl Star Trek III figure repair solution

    I discovered how to repair the Star Trek III figures from Ertl. I have a Scottie that the plastic hook thing that attached the legs to the torso via a rubber band was broken. I had tried to glue it back together, but to no avail. This past weekend I was at an antique mall and found a 3 3/4 gi joe figure for $4.50. I bought it and took it home and low and behold, IT USED THE SAME HOOK THING! I don't know if Ertl or Hasbro came up with it first, but it is the same in both! I was really happy to finally fix Mr. Scott. Hope this helps someone else who may the same problem.

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    Great info. Thanks for posting. It's great for collectors to post help like this.
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    Ack-shully, the O-Ring system was popularized here by Mego, Hasbro copied it for Joe. I didn't know it had a commonality with the ERTL figures though.

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