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Thread: Luke Skywalker vs Captain Picard

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hector View Post
    These commercials are intended for both icons, Mark Hamill and Patrick Stewart.

    No franchise is winning over the other. They are meant to be a draw.

    Why canít fans just embrace both franchises and enjoy these two actors for entertaining us and giving us joy without picking sides?

    I donít know what causes more geek infighting, Star Wars fans vs Star Trek fans or Marvel fans vs DC fans, lol...
    DC vs. Marvel, by a country mile. Iíve never actually heard, read, or seen a Star Wars fan debate a Star Trek fan or vice versa about which one is better. The only reason this gets brought up is because they both have Star in the title. Comparing the properties is a true apples/oranges comparison.

    DC vs. Marvel, however, is a true apple/apples comparison, and becomes almost inevitable when talking about comic books. Both companies are hot garbage now, by the way, but from a legacy standpoint, DC is clearly the superior company.

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    ok very funny

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