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Thread: Is there a tutorial on replacing Gabriel Lone Ranger's horses' legs?

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    Is there a tutorial on replacing Gabriel Lone Ranger's horses' legs?

    I bought a lot with a bunch of broken Gabriel/Marx Lone Ranger figures and horses, and would like to use the legs/feet from one broken horse to fix another broken horse (to make a decent complete horse)!

    These figures were put together like model kits, with plastic cement, which shows yellowing here and there, but I want to remove the metal joint part, so I can put new feet on the horse. Is there a good way of doing this?

    Thanks in advance!

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    If there's any way you could undo the rivets on each horse's ankles, that'd be the biggest obstacle to get over...

    I wish I could remember how my Dad did that for me those many, many years ago: I was in the same position as you, with a horse that needed a replacement hoof, and another beater horse that was used as a donor. All I can remember now are the final results, that of Scout having a donor foot/hoof from Silver, and the hoof being held in place by an appropriately sized screw.

    I'm thinking if you had a small jewelers saw, you'd be able to just saw between the ankle and hoof attachment(s) of Smoke and get the rivets off/out that way... But for the donor horse, Silver, I see you'd have to saw off just above the ankles and then with the hoofs off, you'd be able to use the jewelers saw to cut those rivets too and then you'd be able to have a nice clean donor hoof... And then get a couple of screws and screw the hoofs on that way.

    I hope what I'm saying makes sense to you, because I'm not always good at explaining things.

    Hope this helps.

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