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Thread: Scalpers already destroying G.I. Joe Classified.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ODBJBG View Post
    Because those stores want to make it look like they have more stuff available and it will bring you to their site. They just don't realize that in instances like these, stuff that's actually sold in their store is being bought up and resold on their website for insane markups.
    Not to mention to many people who go to their site (parents and gift givers not in the know) because someone (bf,gf,grandkid,son or daughter etc) says Walmart is where you buy it might not know that they are buying it from a 3rd party and buy it blindly paying 2-3x the origional cost.

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    I don't collect much new stuff, but in my area scalping is really bad, so I don't even bother trying to find things. If I can't just order them online, I don't usually bother looking. It's not a new problem for collectors, but when it takes the fun out of hobby, it's time to just walk away and uncomplicate your life. I'm excited for the new Mego DC stuff, but until the distribution is expanded, I'm not going to bother trying to get any of the figures.

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