In the past several months, I've noticed an increase in the number of aftermarket 1/12 scale bodies available. As a frequent customizer and loyal buyer of the Mezco 1:12 figures, I began to search for non-Mezco 1/12 bodies which would be compatible with Mezco heads as a direct drop-in. A few months ago, I purchased a generic unlabeled no-name 1/12 male body which turned out to be well-constructed with excellent articulation, while seeming somewhat less fragile than some of the actual Mezco bodies. This particular body was advertised as being compatible with Mezco 1:12 heads and in reality, it wasn't.

Although the height was perfect, the body was too thin and the neck and neck joint are way too small for any of the official Mezco heads I've tried. In fact, the official Mezco heads appear too large for this particular aftermarket body, despite the fact it's slightly taller in height than some of the actual Mezco bodies. Even if I were to change the neck joint or keep the existing neck joint by adding some putty to the neck joint to make it bigger to accommodate a Mezco head, the thin build of the body would still make the figure look out of proportion.

My question is, have any of you found an aftermarket body compatible with Mezco 1:12 heads and without much or any modification at all?