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Thread: Star Wars ESB new Carbon Freezing Chamber

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    Remember, talk toys, not people...
    The guy has gotten very aggressive toward his fanbase, so I don't have any problem talking about the fact that I don't care for the direction he's gone in. When he actively tells people to basically screw off if they don't like what he's saying...well, you're inviting this type of commentary among toy communities.


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    I was smirking as I wrote that, not sneering, but take it how you want. Most of my posts are taken the wrong way, anyway. I've only watched a few of the guys videos, so I have no clue about him. I really like the custom Galactica ships he was featuring, but don't watch Star Wars toys videos. I've just watched so many of Brian's videos, that that phrase is stuck in my mind...thought it was funny to post it...guess I was wrong.

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    Context is king man and it's lost here sometimes. Glad it's nothing, happy to hear that.

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