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Thread: Mego Wave 8

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    Mego Wave 8

    Hello everyone!

    I’m currently taking orders for Mego Wave 8! They’ll be arriving
    mid to late July. $15 each plus exact shipping. Have numerous references
    throughout the Mego collecting community.

    Wave 8
    Stan Lee
    Regan Exorcist
    Kanamit Twilight Zone
    Mr. Hyde
    The Fly
    Harold the Scarecrow

    Also have Officially Licensed Mego ID “Dog” Tags for $10 each plus shipping.
    And Officially Licensed Mego Logo Dispalys at $20 each plus shipping.
    These two above items ship free with any figure order.

    For quickest reply pleas email at or via FB messenger- Frank Wojo

    Please check out my FB page when you get an opportunity!

    Absolutely Retro

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