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Thread: Today would've been the day

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    Today would've been the day

    I feel your pain, guys. For years I 'visited' the Meet through all the pics that were posted here, longing to be there with all of you... (It might still happen one day...)
    For obvious reasons it's been cancelled this year, so I wanted to let all of you who were planning to go know that my heart goes out to all of you.
    I've had a lot of plans and concerts cancelled because Covid-19 and it sucks... But hey, at least we're all healthy (or have recovered from it) and that's all that matters.
    Stay positive, there will be another Meet next year, of that I'm sure
    "...The agony of my soul found vent in one loud, long and final scream of despair..." - Edgar Allan Poe

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    Good "seeing" you again Meule! The last few months have been such a blur, I completely forgot that this would have been the weekend. I was looking forward to one last trip to the Meet and this would have been it. *sigh*

    I hear you about concerts, I was looking forward to several before they started getting postponed/cancelled. Still fighting with Ticketmaster about a refund for one of the concerts.

    My heart goes out as well to all the folks who look so forward to this, but just a temporary setback, guys!

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    Better to not have had a Meet this year, than to have had a lot less people to meet next year.

    I'm sure 2021 will be the best MM in ages.

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