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Thread: Custom challenge (from someone who canít craft a thing)

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    Custom challenge (from someone who canít craft a thing)

    Hi all,

    Hereís a challenge. Who can turn this dollar store motorcycle into a Batgirl Bat-Bike? Sidecar not required....

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    Blue dollar store motorcycle is the source material:

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    I betcha LaserMego can make some stickers and perhaps even something to clip to the front to customize it.
    WANTED: Dick Grayson SI trousers; gray AJ Mustang horse; POTA Fortress signal-flasher--top mirrored portion or mirror sticker; POTA Forbidden Zone prison doors, walls, bar; minty Wolfman tights; mint Black Knight sword; minty Launcelot boots; Lion Rock (pale) Dracula & Mummy heads; Lion Rock Franky squared boots; Wayne Foundation blue furniture; Flash Gordon/Ming (10") unbroken holsters; CHiPs gloved arms; POTA T2 tan body; CTVT/vintage Friar Tuck robes, BBP TZ Burgess Meredith glasses.

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    That looks like a scooter. And I have a mego scale 1/9 scooter model that I've used for a Scooter Girl custom.

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    Yeah, a scooter in stead of that bike would make it a lot easier
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