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Thread: The next plague of 2020. We're all doomed!

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    Hell give me a private island....High speed internet and drone deliveries...oh Brer Wolf...dont throw me in that briar patch!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by cjefferys View Post
    I thought we were already doomed from all the murder hornets that are coming?
    This came to mind.
    They are here. In Seattle. I saw one last November just 5 blocks from our home. I went to pick up my daughter at her school bus location but got there early and decided to take a walk around the block. All residential and decided stop to look at some architecture on these old houses. There was a bush of flowers to my left so I turned my to look at them and I immediately freaked the **** out. About a foot away was this big wasp like bug with a big orange head that looked like it came from space. Curiosity kept me staring at it. Like an idiot I didn't take a photo. Just thought it was strange.
    Come to read an article in February about these Japanese Hornets being found in Whatcom County up north in Washington. Saw the photo and recognized the Hornet. Wanted to report it so I downloaded the WA Innvassive app and the Hornet was listed. But I needed a photo. Since then when I take walks I go to see if I can find more. No luck so far.
    BTW we live next to a park and take walks daily. Haven't seen many honey bees this spring in the area.

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