Just felt I should say what I like about NuMego recently, feel free to post your likes as well.

1. That the bodies are DYE-able! I mean, NuMego hands , clear bodies like the Invisible Man, even the GITD bodies, take RitDyeMore ( with the Accetone trick, non boiled water)
takes the dye very well in a short amount of time. I buy bodies alone just for this as WOW! I've saved a ton of cash on buying colored hands and can color my own!
Even AJ boots are dyeable ( and to some degree the Ali boots).

2. The NuMego bodies are pretty sturdy. I mean as far as I haven't had any feet crack or forearms crack like the old type-2s. Granted they are tightly strung, but so far,
I've only had two wolfmen ( out over 120 megos purchased since their return) that had some trouble standing, due to their knees and feet being loose at the joint.
But it was easily fixable!

3. Pricing. Prices have come down and they are affordable, more so than the original $12.99 price point, and if you know how to shop, you can get great deals.
I'm amazed at that overall in recent months.