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Thread: Your FTC Horror stories

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    ^That's an excellent suggestion for a TV version.
    WANTED: Dick Grayson SI trousers; gray AJ Mustang horse; POTA Fortress signal-flasher--top mirrored portion or mirror sticker; POTA Forbidden Zone prison doors, walls, bar; minty Wolfman tights; mint Black Knight sword; minty Launcelot boots; Lion Rock (pale) Dracula & Mummy heads; Lion Rock Franky squared boots; Wayne Foundation blue furniture; Flash Gordon/Ming (10") unbroken holsters; CHiPs gloved arms; POTA T2 tan body; CTVT/vintage Friar Tuck robes, BBP TZ Burgess Meredith glasses.

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    Letís face it FTC deserves a medal for the hero market, period.

    That being said- their bodies are complete trash. I must have 3 unopened broken, and God forbid one take a dive from a 4 ft shelf onto carpet...

    Pricepoint. The way they deal with retailers just keeps them out of stores, where they belong!

    I donít mind the initial price, but the variants are just too damn expensive.

    I love that Mego is back. But until they get a 8Ē Hero line FTC is still going to get most my business going fwd now that the thrill of seeing Mego in the stores is gone.

    Hell FTC had big head problems, but the Diamond line.... well it got better. And we got a couple of cool figures

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    And another thing- So cool to have Shazam Figures, but why no Gold lightning bolt on Shazam.? But yellow.

    We have the entire release in yellow

    But only jr and Mary in Gold

    Itís a little thing but it is a thing.

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    The skinny bodies are worthless. My SF Scarecrow and Sinestro can't stand worth a damn.
    WANTED: Boxed, Carded and Kresge Carded WGSH

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