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Thread: Wanted vintage Mego 8 WGSH Figures

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    Wanted vintage Mego 8 WGSH Figures

    Id like to start collecting these, probably loose for the most part. But maybe original boxed or carded if I come across a good deal. I dont really care about reproduction box/cards. As of now all I have is a loose Joker and carded Hulk, but it can be removed from the essentially loose. The last few months Ive been browsing eBay and the forum to try to get an idea of prices and condition of them. From what I can tell is if I want a minty loose figure its gonna have some kind of repro part? But I guess thats okay. So basically Im just checking if anyone here has any additional advice? And if anyone is selling? Thanks!

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    Not all Minty Loose figures will have repro parts. Figures like the Thing, The Falcon, Spider-Man, the Human Torch & the Hulk will often than not be 100% original.
    The figures that removable accessories will be the ones with repro pieces: typically Batman, Robin, The Green Goblin, Thor or IronMan will have at least one repro part if under $100 on ebay....the higher the cost, then they will most likely have original parts, like a $400 Thor for instance would have all original parts and accessories, but a $65 one will have repro hammer, or helmet.

    Best pieces of advice:

    1. Set a goal, and stick to it. Every figure you guy is worth what YOU are willing to pay for; nothing can make you hate your collection than one figure, once you have in hand, felt like you overpaid too much for. So stick to a price range for each figure, with some flexibility upwards of $25 for the "ultra rare card fresh pulled" figures.

    2. Make your collection your own. Buy what you like, and don't worry about what you have or dont have. I was lucky to have all my original WGSH survive childhood except two (Fist Fighting Robin,
    and Aquaman). I recently rebuilt an Aquaman to my current liking, and all though a mix of original( head / body) and repro suit ( and boots and hands) i loooooove him and he's mine!
    so however you have to do it, jut do it and enjoy cant take them with you, so just enjoy while you can while your alive.

    3. Network here at the Museum and on the FB pages of the Mego Groups. Sometimes someone will have two or three of a figure, and wouldn't mind parting with the lesser condition figure
    for a fair price. That figure could end up being one you wanted.
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    Hey thanks darkbros! Great info.

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    Try toy shows, too, when they come back into bloom. I got all of these from one seller for $60 at one.

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    Yeah I will do that! Thanks

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    Well in a little over a month I’ve gone from two 8” figures to 19, plus a couple customs. I tried to get figures that were as complete as possible, but that had really good head and bodies. I figured I could find original or repro suits and accessories later.
    I noticed at first DC figures were easier to obtain as far as lower prices.
    So since I’m addicted I’ll probably have to get all the variations too!
    Also just wondering...I’m running out of shelf space and would like to get glass or acrylic display cases. Does anyone have an idea where to get them?

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    IKEA sells a cheap glass case made by detolf where you can display your megos. You can also get custom stands for them from laser Mego. I believe he even sells a tier system.

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    I have a carded Mister Fantastic for sale if youre interested. I can send pics

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