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Thread: Vincent Van Dahl & Creature features

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    Vincent Van Dahl & Creature features

    A year and a half ago when I was in San Jose for the Toy show, I was up late in my hotel channel surfing, when I came across this:

    This dude, Vincent Van Dahl from a former Heavy Metal band (HA!), now Monster movie host!
    I watched it that night and really liked it and kept track of it, when I came home.

    And now I prefer it to Svengoolie. (Don't hate!)!

    Sven is ok, but I grew up on him and he replays a lot of the same stuff and he is
    in the pocket of UNIVERSAL films as he flogs their stuff (As told to me by this chick who works
    at METV). SO I kind of lost some respect for him.

    The great thing about Creature Features is they upload their shows on Vimeo and Youtube. Since Directv sucks
    and doesn't have anything good on.

    Anyone from California or elsewhere watch him???

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    I grew up on Sven and am dissapointed that he seems like a schill for Universal. I don't get to see him regularly but the show is a shadow of itself. Wish Wolfman Mac and Mr Lobo had a broader platform. At least Lobo has his own Roku app OSI74.
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