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Thread: G.I. Joe on Comet-san

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    G.I. Joe on Comet-san

    Hi all,

    In these days when many of us are looking for something interesting to watch, I figured I'd bring back an older show that people might find worth giving a second viewing because of all the G.I. Joe goodness that in contains. It's an 1967 episode of a series that aired in Japan named Comet-san. Titled "Revolt of the Toys," this was the first episode of Comet-san to be filmed in color, and they wanted to make it extra special to celebrate the change.

    The episode is entirely in Japanese, but the story is simple enough that it's fairly easy to follow even without any knowledge of the language. The basic premise is that pretty young Comet-san is a magical girl who is working as a housekeeper for a typical Japanese family, and the boys of the family are treating their toys very poorly, including their G.I. Joes. Comet-san uses her powers to bring the toys to life, and they soon go after the boys to protest their previous mistreatment. The boys try to run or fight back, but are constantly being outsmarted by the platoon of Joes. The G.I. Joe action doesn't really get going until about 11 minutes into the episode, but then it runs through the rest of the story. Here's the link to the video:

    I'm sorry that the video quality isn't perfect, but I still think you'll get a kick out of it. If you haven't seen it before, you're in for a treat! If you have seen it, you'll probably find it worth checking out again. I hope you'll all enjoy it!


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    Fun! Thanks for posting that

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    I think the video quality is great on it and it's certainly fun to watch!

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    AWESOME!!!! I have watched this several times but this was the best quality version! So cool to see all that stop motion animation. Who would have thought the Gijoe Deep Sea Diver is a bad mammer jammer? They seem not to have Gijoe Marines and basic Sailors in this. Mostly Gijoe Army Soldiers that look kind of early too. i would have lost my mind seeing this as a kid!

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