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Thread: More Vintage Toy TV

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    Billy Galaxy in Portland is a store that's been around for a long time, and he has some great stuff.

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    ^^ I greatly enjoyed my BG time in the PDX packed with many treasures, but I continually had to hold back the urge to organize, sort, and clean that little store. He'd sell more if you could actually see the merch, although the nice folks working there did seem to know where everything was.

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    I used to go in Billy's often when I was living in NW Portland and used to have a good chat with him (mainly about Palitoy Star Wars). He has some really great items in there and I love how he's put everything into sections so you find what interests you in one spot. I must admit that he did end up getting me into different toy lines by just having them on display and opening my eyes to what's out there ( I'm pretty sure that was the point lol), but as my collection was back in the UK it was just nice to be around so much vintage in cabinets and made me miss my collection just that little bit less.

    Looking forward to seeing this show although I can't quite work out if it's the one I recently backed on kickstarter (maybe there's two shows like this coming which wouldn't be a bad thing!).


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