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Well it looks like I'll have to buy a new Scarecrow. In my attempt tp pose him for pics, the figure's left arm protruded into the body, the hand came off and when I tried to get the arm back out, it broke as did the right leg. And of course, the hat was way too big and hardly ever stays on unless you pose him really still. I honestly wish they could have just made the hat on his head permanent since I never saw the Scarecrow without his hat. I may have to use gorilla glue to keep the hat on the head. Anyway, has anybody else have any problems with their SuperFriends Scarcrow, or Toyman or Sinestro since they are on the skinny bodies? As much as I love the work they've done on the SuperFriends characters, the Scarecrow is not one of them. This is one figure that DC Direct did the better job with their Scarecrow figure.
Put him on an S type body- problem solved