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Thread: Apes Fortress Shipping box?

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    Apes Fortress Shipping box? (Updated)

    Just picked this up locally thinking it was just an outer shipping carton for the retail Fortress but looking into it a tad more, I'm thinking this might be a catalog mailer box version??
    It looks like it was offered in the 1975 Sears catalog w/ an item number listed as 59154C was that item number ever associated with this playset in any other setting?

    It also looks like the jail is different (I don't have any others on hand to compare) is the art the same as the other playset jails?

    I have practically zero experience with apes playsets beyond having some random treehouse parts in the past, so forgive any rookie info mistakes.

    apes fortress.jpg
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    Yes, it's a Sears catalog mailer box. The catalog number is only for Sears
    Each catalog gave their own numbers for items they sold.
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    Yup, total catalog box.

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    Cool and congrats!… haven't seen of these in a while. Yeah, that's the Sear's mailer… I can't remember for sure but there might be a JC Penney version (without a number printed on the box), using a white inventory label instead. Maybe one of the resident mailer box experts can verify.

    That's the correct (unique) jail, but it's missing the bottom (floor) flap. Looks almost complete, only needs three rifles/bats, and the flag which you can download and print from the MM POTA Playsets gallery. If you need the weapons I can hook you up.

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