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Thread: Ben Cooper Frankenstein and Creature

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    Ben Cooper Frankenstein and Creature

    Hey all, I just picked up some Ben Coopers and am having trouble finding any pricing info for Creature From the Black Lagoon. Does anyone know anything about Ben Cooper costumes and their values?

    The Frankenstein is 1973 so I know its prob not to valuable
    The Creature doesn't have a date on it and I believe is older but the only thing I can find on it is a picture on Pintrest.

    Thanks in advance for any info.

    Sorry if this is off topic, I just saw monsters and thought someone might know.

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    I *think* I know a lot about them. I collect them, that's for sure! Want to post the link to the pintrest image (if you can't post pics of your own that is)?

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    There I will take the Creature off your hands

    It really depends of the condition of the costume, mask, did it come in a box or one of those cardboard hangers....
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