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Thread: Why do you collect GI JOE?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Makernaut View Post
    I collect because there has been some great re-issues in the last 20 years (the Walmart Adventure Team release of 2007...$10 a figure! me into collecting)
    I bought those too. Super nice and the price was insane. Seriously, we will never see that kind of price point for a figure like that at retail ever again.
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    Those were fantastic, as were Meijer's. Using up 40th overstock was genius and reminiscent of vintage Mego's frugal inventiveness.
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    AT GI Joe was the first toy I can really remember playing with along with other kids. A neighbor, who's parents had a few bucks, had a good assortment of them, along with the various vehicles. I was hooked. For years at Christmas I'd paw through the Century Housewares catalog (A Western NY catalog store, long since defunct) and rank which GI Joe items I wanted. It was hell trying to rank them, I wanted all of it. Anyway, all my stuff was put away when aged out of it, and when I was in my 30's and my mother told me to get whatever I wanted out of my old closet, I recovered them and started collecting the missing pieces. Then I started getting the things I wanted but never got. Now it's stuff that I think looks fun. It's never been a collecting priority, but every year one or two things things gets added into the collection. The nostalgia factor for GI Joe and Mego is far greater than any other toy I had growing up.

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    I only had Adventure Team as a kid, and not many of those, but did have the Troubleshooter vehicle. I guess it's just nostalgia mostly. All those years spent looking at the Wishbooks and seeing all of the cool stuff they made.

    I started collecting the vintage stuff in the early 90's, probably 90-91 I guess and finding stuff wasn't easy. There was the Toy Shop "magazine" and I subscribed of course. Those came out every two weeks and I would dive into that quickly when it arrived to see what was for sale. I was traveling a lot in those days for work and would stop at everything little antique shop I could find and would find Joes from time to time, so even then it was the thrill of the hunt too.
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    My aunt had the space capsule and mercury astronaut in her house. It was pretty mesmerizing to a kid who grew up only with Star Wars and Mego.

    Later, when RAH hit, my buddy had them, and so I needed them.

    I *choke* sold them off in the 90s, and really regret it.

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    The nostalgia....Reminder of a better time...I actually grew up with Johnny west and big jim, my older brother had the joe stuff...when he moved out he passed it to I love the artwork on the Adventure Team I have an entire wall of boxed AT joe stuff...I have dabbled in other toy lines but Joe will always be my favorite.

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    Just like Mego- it reminds me of being a kid again.
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    super joe means alot back in 1978 kmart was closing them out at 2 bucks a piece my allowance was 5 dollars a week but i only but super joe darkon was a close second anyways he became my friend for the next 2 years and then he fell apart i was devasted

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    I decided to collect them when, some years ago, cleaning my parents home cellar, I found my unique GI Joe I had when I was child. Before it I had a lot of Big-Jims but when the muscle bodied GI Joes arrived in Italy, me and my friends desired only this kind of action-figures. Better details than a Big-Jim, better movements, bigger...we loved them immediately and left Big-Jim's world.
    Me and my friend played with them everywhere, but few years after, we started high school and left every toy.
    When I found my Gi Joe in the cellar, it was broken and without all its accessories and I decided to try to restore itde and complete it using eBay. I found a world in this platform!
    After a perfect restore of mine Gi Joe, I decide to buy the other two figures arrived as first issue in Italy. I found also the original boxes! After that, I found all the brochures about them and decided to complete all the following issues.
    Now I had all the Polistil GI Joe issues commercialized in Italy, all with original boxes. I'm very happy to reached this goal!

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