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Thread: Wanted: Mego Monster Wave and S.T. Wrath of Khan

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    Wanted Wanted: Mego Monster Wave and S.T. Wrath of Khan

    Well, it seems like BBTS will never fulfill my order for the current Mego monster wave 7 (minus Freddy as I have him already) and the 3 Star Trek Wrath of Khan figures.
    Entertainment Earth is sold out.
    I preordered in December when things were on back order. January came and went. Now it's February.
    Is there someone on the board who has all the ones I want?
    No Wal-Mart in my neck of the woods carries these.

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    Go to The Mego Ambassador Page on FB, and hit up Bill Lawrence at the Vintage Toy Rescue or Frank Wojo.
    your two best bets...
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