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Thread: Miserable Ebay buying experience =Planet of the Apes

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    Miserable Ebay buying experience =Planet of the Apes

    Hello all,

    Recently had a really bad buying experience on Ebay. I purchased a Soldier Ape that had no clothes and the price was $28.96. The dealer had a drop down window and a bunch of items listed on one auction, but you could use "buy it now" to purchase many different apes items including figures, rifles, etc.

    Anyway, it's an odd set up because there's a drop down window and you can select things like "Mego Soldier Ape Rifle" or "Mego Urko/Ursus" and I purchased 3 of her items including a Virdon, an Urko/Ursus and a Soldier Ape. The figures looked decent, but when I got them I was very disappointed. I liked the Urko but the Virdon body was loose,broken and the Urko/Ursus had two broken off legs but the pictures showed the Urko/Ursus as being complete with no issues.

    The seller didn't explain that the Virdon body was loose in her listing. She sent me a broken Soldier Ape and on the same day that I received it, February 3, she put up two new listings on eBay, one of which was the Soldier Ape that I originally purchased on January 31st! I think she decided that the Soldier Ape I purchased was more valuable than the price she listed on eBay, so she sent me a broken ape and re-listed the good Ape as an auction, whereas I purchased the Ape on "buy it now." I believe she wanted to try and get more money.

    I decided to keep the Virdon and I was pleased with the Urko, but angry about the Soldier Ape. I made a huge mistake. I sent her an email and she said that I was wrong and that she had 4 Soldier Apes and only one was broken and that she should call eBay to settle the issue! She basically called me a liar. My mistake was I decided to giver her positive feedback on the Urko and when I left positive feedback on the Urko, the eBay feedback system wouldn't let me leave negatives for the Virdon or the Soldier Ape. So I had to leave positive for the Virdon and Soldier Ape, but my comments were "Bait and switch. Dishonest seller. Tried to give negative feedback. F-." I went back to look at the feedback today and the seller deleted my comments on the Feedback! I guess Sellers can do that if the Feedback is marked positive, with negative comments.

    I have learned my lesson, 1) I will never buy any Mego items from a drop down window again. 2) If I do buy from a drop down window and find out that I need to leave a negative comment for an item, I will leave the negative comment first. 3) Just because a seller has a 100 percent positive rating, it doesn't mean they are honest!

    I really don't understand it, but this dealer has 100 percent positive feedback so I really don't understand why she tried to cheat me. I decided that all the work it would take to fight this person wouldn't be worth it, because it was only $28.96 but I would have had to pay for the shipping to ship it back to her and I'm pretty sure she would dispute me on the condition of the item and I'm a retired, worn out Iraq/Afghanistan veteran who receives disability pay and I just don't feel like having the aggravation of fighting someone over this. On another note, I don't like the idea of leaving negative feedback for anyone and I've never left negative feedback, so it's not like I'm someone who was trying to screw her over on an item.

    Anyway, Just wanted to vent! Also wanted to remind everyone to be careful when buying on eBay. Sometimes even dealers with 100 percent feedback are dishonest.

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    I'm sorry to hear of this, I think you can appeal to ebay particularly if you paid vai Paypal. And quite curious--who is the seller?
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    I've been on eBay for a while and only had to give out negative feedback once , the seller sold damage goods and was like Jabba the Hutt to deal with. "There will be no deal"
    I could of send the items back but I sent a him a negative for his stubborn and naughty communications. The irony was he had more items I planned to buy but not after that attitude.

    Fortunately for every one seller like that there are 200 good people to deal with.

    I hear what you are saying megos and 1982-85 GI Joes have bodies that could be loose and the seller needs to mention it because photos don't tell the whole story.

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    First of all thank you for your service, and I'm sorry for your wound, hope everything is going well for you and yours.

    You should let us know who the eBay seller is, so the rest of us can avoid or be aware of them.

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    you can contact ebay and request a refund as the item was not as described. the seller has to pay the return shipping, not you

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    I recognize the seller (wesell1); have purchased a couple cheap items without issue, but I agree on hating those odd group listings and sellers who constantly relist/change prices. With the price and parting out/quality of her items, she should have definitely taken care of you.

    The good news is you're here at the MM now! We have a highly functioning Marketplace. Just post a want list and I and others will gladly help you (with much better prices!) with your Ape needs.
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    You have good and bad everywhere (of course). I have been on Ebay for many years. While I have many successes from that site, I have also gone round and round with a few sellers throughout the years. For me, ordering from outside the country (especially China), has proven very bothersome. If you do not get what was advertised, good luck in shipping it back. Everything is a learning lesson.

    I love Hakes...…….never had a problem with that website!

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