From Bill Lawrence -

Mego Wave 8 is up for pre-order! The way the cases are packed out require me to do things a little diffierent. I sold complete waves last time. For Wave 8 you can pre-order whatever you want!

Figures are $14 each plus shipping
Just want one? Fixed price of $20 shipped First Class Mail
Orders over $200 qualify for FREE SHIPPING!
(as always, we do not require payment up front)

Mego 8" Action Figures-
Twilight Zone - To Serve Man - Kanamit
Mr. Hyde
Exorcist - Regan (Linda Blair)
Scary Stories After Dark - Harold the Scarecrow
Star Trek TNG - Data
Star Trek TNG -Picard
The Fly
Stan Lee

Added to Wave 8-
Michael Meyers

Delayed - Gandalf

Images coming soon! Expected delivery to distributor is May 1. VTR should receive them about a week later and start shipping immediately.