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Thread: 5 Awesome Things on eBay this week

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    Plaid Stallions 5 Awesome Things on eBay this week

    Kenner Bionic Woman store display I have a real fixation for old store displays and I totally remember seeing this in stores. The seller has told me they have a Bionic Man one kicking around as well. I don't have the money for this but it will be fun to watch.

    German Kung Fu Comic Books- We didn't get much Kung Fu merchandise here and well, even though I don't read German, I already have some of these on the way.

    Batman Stunt Cycle by AHI- I'll never stop mooning over 70s rack toys, the wonderful card art and the drug store temptations. I've mentioned this before but i actually got locked in a drug store as a kid because i was sitting in the toy aisle obsessing over this crap and that had no effect on me whatsoever!

    Chemtoy Playhouse Pantry- I remember loving these sets but now the nostalgia is all tied into the vintage design of all the packaging.

    New Zoo Review Freddy the Frog Iron-On: New Zoo Review was on before "Star Blazers" (and after "Great Space Coaster") when I was a kid, so i never missed it even though I was too old for it. I developed a real crush on Emmy Jo (she was hawt!).

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    Oh, that transfer brought a smile to my face and a rush of fond memories. I loved the New Zoo Revue when I was a kid. Still fun to see it on youtube.
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    Love when you reveal Kung Fu merchandise!
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    That Bionic Woman display is really nice but OUCH the price is way above my reach...
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    The Jamie figs are secured to Campbell's soup cans! Love it.

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    Kellog's Rice BUBBLES?!? Were they not called Rice Krispies somewhere, or was it changed at some point?

    Seeing that up close shot of the Batman stunt cycle makes me think I MAY have owned it at some point, very briefly, when I was VERY young. I've seen pics of it before, but nothing has ever jogged that particular feeling, so I'm not sure...

    Anyway, I love this feature. I just wanted to say that.


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    Everything about the Batman Stunt Cycle makes my want to reclaim my childhood. If I made my own toys, I'd ape the style of the AHI rack toys. It's so perfectly, anti-perfect.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Earth 2 Chris View Post
    Kellog's Rice BUBBLES?!? Were they not called Rice Krispies somewhere, or was it changed at some point?
    After a quick search I found out they're called Kellogg's Rice Bubbles in Australia and New Zealand.

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    My sister had those fake groceries to go with her cardboard kitchen set she had.
    Not ashamed to say I spent quite a bit of time playing with that set with her.

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