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Thread: Any word on Scotty or McCoy?

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    Trekkies? Stop complaining? What are you, new to the internet?

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    I understand the questions why haven't we seen any McCoy's and Scotty? first off Kirk and Spock are the popular characters, so of course we will see them in various outfits, I'm wondering why we haven't seen gold shirt Kirk yet?

    Don't forget we already have Sulu, Chekov plus mirror Uhura and Sulu, and aliens (2) different Romulans
    and (2) different Gorn's, and movie Khan. I personally would like to see besides gold shirt Kirk, a correct (TOS) Klingon
    and McCoy in blue short sleeve medical shirt and Scotty in regular redshirt uniform and in dress kilt, and a correct Talos
    and Cheron.

    I do think at some point McCoy and Scotty will be released just be patient, I want them too. I'm sure there are folks here wondering about a POTA release, and why we haven't seen anything yet?

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