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Thread: Green Hornet and Kato (Brian Leitner) Mego Custom

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    WorldMego Green Hornet and Kato (Brian Leitner) Mego Custom

    I normally don't post other peoples work but I would be doing it an injustice if I didn't share the the talents of Brian Leitner. I waited patiently for this and Brian knocked it out of the park. It took several months to complete. Now while waiting, I came across Mediacom supposedly 8 inch version, so I ordered it for $150. They are not 8 inches, more like 9. The skin tone is zombie greenish and the body is like a doll Build A Figure where it easily comes apart. Not worth the money. That being said, I did reuse the hats shown here, the stick, Kato's darts and GH's scarf. I have no idea what original heads if any Brian used. It's top workmanship both paint job and tailoring. Absolutely worth the wait.

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