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Thread: Help identifying these clothes?

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    Help identifying these clothes?

    Hi all,

    I need a little help and was hoping someone on here might be able to shed some light.

    I'm thinking about working on a custom Mego figure and have seen this lot with a helmet and a dark blue/black jumpsuit and wondered where they were from? The lot is a little more than I want to pay so if I can get these two things elsewhere cheaper then it would be a better option.

    Hopefully someone can help and thanks in advance,


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    The blue and white helmet is from the Dinah-mite Racing Around outfit, as for the dark jumpsuit. i don't know. The army green one with fur collar is also Dinah-mite.

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    The bodysuit is from the HAVOC figure from the UK.

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    Thanks for the answers everyone, really helpful and I'm surprised that the blue jumpsuit fits the Mego figure so well.

    I'll get searching and see what the difference is piecing these two items together compared to the lot on eBay.


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